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Parallels Workstation 6.0

Deploy desktops faster and protect against failure and downtime
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Parallels Workstation is a useful application, which facilitates the user to run Linux, Windows, UNIX and many other flavors of operating systems in conjunction. By using this software the user can easily run multiple applications, each one being optimized for a separate operating system, simultaneously thereby reducing dependency of the work on specific hardware and OS configurations.

The application doesn’t require too much time for setting up, and is highly intuitive to use, designed from the ground up to make virtualization easy. The program also comes with Parallels Tools, a special toolkit for helping the user for utilizing its advanced features and functions in an efficient manner. What’s more, the application is fully optimized for taking cent percent advantage of hardware virtualization via the support of Intel VT and AMD’s Security and Virtual Machine for high-performance secure virtual machines.

Parallels Workstation Version 2.2.2222 also offers great flexibility to the user by offering the broadest range of x86-based operating systems at fingertips, right from Windows, FreeBSD, OS/2, Linux, eComStation, MS-DOS, Solaris, and many others. Thus the software ensures that virtual PCs built by incorporating it, offer maximum efficiency and stability, and it supports the latest Linux kernel (2.6.23) and also Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora 8 as primary OS and guest OSes.

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  • Supports many OS, easy to use


  • Requires upgrade of other software and plug-ins for Vista
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